Product Manufacturing

Serving a broad range of businesses in a variety of industries with our client-focused approach, PR Horn of Africa works to develop strong relationships based on trust, competency and industry knowledge. The synergy of these key attributes empowers us to deliver superior service solutions, relevant advice and consistent support.

Consumer Product Manufacturers

Management Solutions’ consultants are recruited for their practical manufacturing and technology experience. They understand the gaps left by other consultancies between well-meaning recommendations and truly deliverable improvements, whether advising senior management at strategic level or working with supervisors and employees on the factory floor.

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Why Parker Russel Horn of Africa?

Making sound business decisions requires reliable financial reporting information. We work with all types of organizations, from the small to the large global companies, to help business leaders and stakeholders in all industries to communicate a fair picture of their financial performance.

Our experienced, trusted advisors can help with a variety of complex business issues and transactions. With our know-how, we can make recommendations for your organization’s finance function efficiency, articulate effective employee benefits programs, or realize value out of large volumes of data.