Accounting & Book-keeping:

Parker Russell Horn of Africa is a professional Accounting and Bookkeeping services provider in the region. Our accountants combine knowledge in accounting with tax expertise.

Accounting & Book-keeping:

Financial reporting is becoming more and more difficult due to the complexity of corporate transactions. We combine knowledge and skills to assist clients in meeting their requirements under both the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and International Financial Reporting Standards.

Our Accounting Services in Horn of Africa

Accounting Review

The client’s internal financial team drafts the accounts, which our qualified accountants then examine. Our thorough auditing of the books guarantees that the financial information is correct, comprehensive, and trustworthy for making decisions.

Budgeting & Forecasting Services in Horn of Africa

Help with the creation of periodic budgets, including revenue and expenditure. Additionally, a cash flow forecast that informs the company of the anticipated inflows, outflows, and balance over a specific time period.

Receivables & Payables Management Services in Horn of Africa

This primarily consists of:

  • Thorough examination before entering into the accounting software of all purchase and sales invoices
  • Tax compliance
  • Timely follow-up/Timely payment

Project Accounting

Many of our clients regularly request project accounting services, so we began routinely offering project accountants to both current and potential clients. An accountant working on a project focuses primarily on that project, such as bank reconciliation, financial data migration, retrospective accounting, general accounting for a set of data, etc.

Reasons to choose our accounting and bookkeeping services in Horn of Africa.

Our experienced accountants are professionally qualified and will maintain your accounts up to date and provide necessary accounting reports and information on your request.

Cost Reduction

Minimize your expenses by eliminating your personnel cost such as salary, allowances, and recruitment expenses by outsourcing your accounts with us.

Flexibility and Saving Time

Our experts can arrange to come to your office frequently to work on your books of accounts, possibly on a monthly or fortnightly basis depending on your preferences and requirements.

Expert Knowledge

When you hire specialists in Dubai to handle your accounting and bookkeeping needs, you benefit from their expertise. As a result, you may anticipate jobs being completed with higher quality and sooner.


When there is a higher demand for accounting tasks, you can modify the work that you have given to us. Likewise, when the volume of your accounting tasks is lower than usual, you can renegotiate your payment options, which will allow you to reduce the service fees that you pay to us and save money for your company.

Outsourced Accounting

Our professionally qualified and experienced accountants will handle the client’s accounting and bookkeeping records from our office, and we provide necessary reports on a routine basis, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, as agreed upon with the client.